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Attic Renovation to Change Your Home

Attics can be a profitable and fun addition to your home.  Dealing with angles and sloped ceilings can make utilizing your attic space a challenge.  We put together a list of ways to maximize your space with furniture placement, taking advantage of natural light, and even redesigning your floorplan.

1. Built-in Storage

One way to take advantage of low walls is to install storage such as drawers, nooks or cupboards.  Utilizing storage will maximize the space and keep your attic neat and orderly.

The benefits of doing this are listed below:

  • Your home acquires more value as a result of this sort of customization.
  • Keep your space clutter-free.
  • Storage spaces provide a natural buffer to keep people away from low ceilings and potential bumps on the head.
  • Eliminates the need for free-standing bookcases and shelves.
  • The spaces in dead zones are maximized and given use.
Attic as storage room ideas

2. Furniture Placement

Another way to combat awkward low ceilings is to add furniture in the spaces too short for standing room.  Check out our tips below for placement ideas:

  • The low part of the ceiling should have the head of the bed.
  • A chair or couch may be placed in low spaces.
  • Entertainment units, desks, and bookcases can go along low walls.

Provide a physical barrier to low ceilings by positioning chairs and couches in low sections of the roof.  Chairs and couches require low head clearance, providing the perfect alternative to seating and maximizing the space.

3. Move the Stairs

Some attic spaces were built with archaic floorplans and stairs are typically a huge waste of the space.  Hiring a contractor to rework your floorplan could add a lot of space.  Changing the floor plan could be a pricey project, however the return on investment is significant when it comes time to sell.

Some strategies for saving stair space are listed below:

  • Your stairs can have a landing and two (2) half flights by breaking them up.
  • Your stairs can descend to a landing before changing direction, in effect working the slope of your roof line.
  • The stairwell can have a skylight.

4. Dormers

Dormers are a great option for adding space and curb appeal to your home. They can really liven up a home’s attic space by allowing more light in the attic, and they are just plain cute!

Below are some of their uses:

  • A kitchen or bathroom can acquire added space.
  • Areas for sitting.
  • Desks can have nooks.

You will most definitely derive additional space toward the middle part of your attic, as a result of the extra space created by the dormer that you have installed. You can increase the capacity for circulation and movement in your attic by using the perimeters of the said room hence leaving more open space in the mid-section.

5. Skylights

There’s nothing worse than a dark creepy attic.  Attics are very functional spaces and adding a little light with a skylight will make it bright and cheery.  Skylights are a cheaper alternative to a dormer and are just as effective (although not as cute from the street). Skylights also open up attic spaces to help them feel a little bit bigger and more open.

  • Above sinks of bathrooms.
  • For desks or beds above built-in nooks.
  • In shower stalls of built-in bathrooms.
  • In stairwells.
  • In kitchens located in the attic.
  • In areas considered as main living spaces.

5. Skylights

A feeling of having more space is provided by windows. In addition to this, they also permit natural light to enter a room. These two (2) aspects are important, so make sure that you maximize the potential of your windows!  Check if they are in good condition.

If they are not, replace them and pay attention to the tips below:

  • Height can be added to some windows.
  • Your view through your windows can be improved by making them lower and bigger.
  • Your windows can be widened.

Even though all the strategies mentioned above are all employable, you do not necessarily have to follow all of them. You may find that only one (1) or two (2) of them are actually needed to be done after a detailed assessment of what a room actually requires. Suppose your window cannot be widened further due to lack of available space, then you can opt to give it added height which will allow deep light to enter the room.

7. Reflect Light

A very effective way of adding light to a room is utilizing bright colors to reflect light.  White walls, ceilings, and light hardwood floors will reflect a lot of natural light and brighten the space.  Rewiring can be a messy pain, and people generally prefer natural light. Follow our tips below for the best way to lighten your space:

  • Use white paint for ceilings.
  • Make use of light carpets and hardwood flooring.
  • Use light reflecting colors on walls that are across from as well as beside windows.
  • Utilize mirrors and other reflective surfaces.

8. Add Sufficient Lighting

Often, there is not sufficient natural light, and light is essential to making your attic space warm and inviting.  When deciding what kind of lighting to add, be mindful of lights and lamps that won’t detract from your limited headroom.  For example, considering recessed lighting and place small tables with shorter lamps so they can fit under sloped ceilings.  Hire the services of a professional electrician and then follow some of our simple steps to make sure you’re getting the most light in your space:

  • Sufficient plugs for lamps
  • Pot lights or overhead lighting
  • Task lighting
  • Lights and scones that are wall-mounted

9. Renovation for Small Bathrooms

Building a small bathroom is another great way to add functionality to your attic space and open up possibilities for renting the space, or moving one of the kids into a luxury rooftop suite! Make sure you follow any building codes and utilize some of our strategies for small attic bathrooms:

  • Place the toiled under the sloped ceiling.
  • Vanities should be situated next to the toilet on the lower sloped wall.
  • For more light, add a skylight above the sink.
  • Along the low wall of the shower, a bench may be added.
  • Installing a skylight over the shower adds headspace and light.

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