People sell their houses to Buck Buys Houses for many reasons: facing foreclosure, divorce, loss of a loved one, job transfer, retirement, unexpected medical bills, relocation, downsizing... No matter the situation you are facing, we can help you sell your home fast.

Are you facing foreclosure?
Are you having trouble paying your mortgage? We can help you sell your home before the bank comes knocking on your door. We are experienced in stopping the foreclosure process and helping you get out of your home quickly. We will work with you and help you save your credit score from a foreclosure!

Are you going through a divorce?
Do you need to sell your home quick to help you settle your divorce? We can help! You can sell your house privately in just days. You'll be able to move on with your life within a week in many cases!

Are you in the probate process?
Have you recently lost a loved one and inherited a home? Is their home in bad condition or are their tenants that you don't want to deal with? We can help buy your inherited property quickly. We will pay cash and buy the home AS IS, tenants and all in just days. No need to clean or do any repairs to the home. We have purchased hundreds of homes in the probate process and we are very familiar and experienced with these type of transactions.

Are you transferring jobs, relocating or just wanting to retire?
We can help you sell your house quickly with no hassle! You'll be on your way out of town in less than a week! You won't have to deal with showing the property, doing any repairs or cleaning the home. We make selling your home as quick and easy as possible.

Do you have problem tenants?
Do you own a rental property you're tired of managing, is a monthly drain on your bank account, or has problem tenants? We will purchase your rental property with cash and close in days. You won't have to worry about repairs, collecting rental payments or managing your problem property ever again!

We serve the following Counties in Washington State:
King County - Pierce County - Snohomish County - Thruston County


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We can help you sell your home fast